JC Consultant Group creates an effective marketing strategy that relies on an array of integrated tactics applied consistently over time, rather than a start-and-stop approach. Marketing should be embedded into every aspect of your business from the big things in how you deliver services to the details as in the design of your emails and envelopes. Your clients and prospects should know what makes you dramatically different from your competitors.

Marketing & Sales Strategies

At JC Consultant Group we know that developing a strategic marketing plan isn’t something only big businesses should do. Most people think that “marketing” just means advertising, PR or promotion; but we know marketing truly involves everything from understanding your market, products and services, to the precise tactics you’ll need to employ to effectively reach your market. Our team of professionals will work with you to develop and promote a strategic marketing plan that will launch your company ahead of your competitor.

Direct Mail/EDDM

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a way for businesses to mail to every home in a specific area or zip code at a discounted postage rate. Where direct mail systems seem to force large quantities of bulk mailing, EDDM can actually be designed to target a demographic with the ability to control how many pieces you want to mail. Even though you can do it yourself, it is still time consuming and you may worry about your design yielding the desired results. JC Consultant Group can not only design the graphic piece you want but will help you understand the necessary steps to execute your project, often times saving you money over doing it yourself.

Online Marketing

JC Consultant Group is proud to be a Constant Contact Solutions Provider®. We know that as a small organization, your passion for what you do and the quality of your customer relationships are what separate you from everyone else. Through the use of Email Marketing, you will be able to reinforce those relationships and connect with your customers in a way no one else can. Whether you would like us to handle the task of online Email Marketing for you or would like to have us help you learn how to keep the function in-house, we are here to help you assess and implement the plan that works best for you. As a member of EMA (e-Marketing Association) we keep up with the latest in online marketing information to ensure we can help deliver positive results as we help you interact with your customers.

Media Relations

JC Consultant Group is all about achieving results designed to capitalize on each client’s brand and directly impact the bottom line. We have extensive experience creating press releases and promotional campaigns for emerging and established brands alike. Not everyone can be a word-smith and type out the perfect article or blog; we have writers ready to help you to find just the right words to tell your story of excellence in your industry.